Admin Mod by Greeb (Demo Version)
Latest update: 23/03/2018
Anti-Team Arrest Hack
Anti-Long Arms Arrest Hack
Anti-Toolkit Enemy Release Hack
If you want players to pass through each other then you can enable or disable at will
Vote Mod
!vote taser
!vote map
!vote kick playername
!vote mute playername
!vote abortgame
!vote aar
Hate Campers in server? With Greeb Mod you can punish Campers easily!
Hate players who play using bugs in server? Greeb Mod will disable most known bugs in Maps!
Spawn Protection
Don't like nades or kills after respawn? Spawn Protection resolve this issue!
Enabled Mode Message Sound
Warning Message Sound
Player Connected Sound
Say Sound
Team Hit Messages
Want to know If player Team Tased/Team Stung? Greeb Mod will help you!
Hit Messages
Want to know If player Tased/Stung? Greeb Mod will help you!
COOP Respawn
If you want players to Respawn in COOP server now you can easily do!
Arrest And Rescue
If you want try something else when Playing Barricaded Suspects/Vip ... Then you can use AAR Mode! For win need arrest all enemy team. Arrested players can be rescued just like VIP
Improved WebAdmin Panel
New Panel has a more convenient interface for user
SWAT 4 Admin Mod by Greeb